Armada Grand Prix

Armada Grand Prix 2018
Format and Rules.
1. Only open to paid up members. Each participating club needs to pay 50p per senior member up to a maximum of £50. This must be paid by the April meeting latest.
2. The qualifying races are listed below. First race will be the Tavi 13and the last race the Storm Race in November.
3. Every athlete from a participating club will receive a points allocation of 10 points.
4. Each club will need to supply their number of senior members at the APRIL meeting of the Network. This will be used to calculate the club percentage turnout at any race and will remain the same throughout the season. An example would be as follows:- A club has 100 members and 50 runners finish a GP race. This gives them a score of 50%
The club with the highest average percentage over all the races will be the winner of the club award.
5. All individual participant who completes 7 of the 12 events in the Grand Prix will get an end of season award. A runner cannot score in their own club’s race.
6. Points will be awarded for any names helpers in the Autumn Trail as if they took part in that event
7..  The Armada committee will be the arbitrator of any disputes.

Final Standings (after 11 races) here >>>
Awards were presented after the December 3K in the LIfe Centre
Winners listed here >>>
1st Club – Plymouth Musketeers
2nd Club-  BATS
3rd Club – Storm

Grand Prix events as follows

MARCH 18th
                        TAVI 13

MAY 12th                               IVYBRIDGE 10 K

MAY 26th                              BERE PEN 10 K

JUNE 10th                            PLYM VALLEY CHALLENGE

JUNE 30th                           MUSKIE MADNESS

JULY 14th                              MUDDY DUCK

JULY 21st                            MAGNIFICENT SEVEN

JULY 29th                            SIX MOOR MILES

AUGUST 8th                       ARMADA 5K


NOVEMBER 14th                ARMADA 3K

NOVEMBER 18th              STORM RACE